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Activity: RobotMaker for Kids, Nov-2021

Parents' Feedback

Parent A: Thanks for organising this workshop. It was a great event and my kids enjoyed it so much. They can’t stop playing with the robots after arriving home and are having a mini competition in the living room now. 

Parent B: Thanks for organising it. Was great fun for Ethan. He enjoyed learning the basic programming of a robot very much, especially when he knocked down more batteries at the second attempt!

RobotMaker for Kid program in November 2021

We again had another great time together with 4 families and friends for playing and learning. Kids built their own robots, learn how to play with them and chose a unique name for each of them. 

This program is beneficial for kids because it helps them build confidence. Kids learn to be confident in their ideas and implement these ideas practically.

Children also learn perseverance during robotics building. Projects rarely come out right the first time. This is how kids learn to keep going and never give up, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Challenges and Competition

Kids played games and joined the competition to put their robot to the program and test. Start their robots for chance to claim victory!