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Activity: RobotMaker for Kids, Sep-2021

September 2021

First RobotMaker for Kid program in 2021

We had a great time in the afternoon together for playing and learning. Robotics for kids allows children to learn logic concepts in a hands-on environment. They learn to build their own robot, program, and design games to play with their robot.

Robotics offers an educational tool for kids to think out of the box. Many times kids have ideas of what they dream to create. Robotics makes those dreams come true.

This program is beneficial for kids because it helps them build confidence. Kids learn to be confident in their ideas and implement these ideas practically.

Children also learn perseverance during robotics building. Projects rarely come out right the first time. This is how kids learn to keep going and never give up, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Challenges and Competition

RobotMaker Competition includes fun and challenging games for kids.