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Why Hybrid Learning is the New Normal?

What is hybrid learning?

Hybrid learning sounds like a new type of learning model and is becoming more popular these days. The hybrid class allows teaching to be held face-to-face while allowing students to join online. In other words, it is a combination of traditional classrooms and virtual-live classes. In hybrid learning, teacher and students are required to have their lesson at the same time slot while allowing students to come to the physical classroom or join the same class through the online classroom anywhere via meeting software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc., as long as they have good internet connections. The hybrid type of class aims to take advantage of both learning styles.

Why hybrid learning?

Face-to-Face is more effective

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in schools and learning centres being shut down all across the world. No secret that online courses have become incredibly popular. However, compared to self-paced online courses, interactive learning is much more effective than students can ask questions about topics that are confusing, and teachers can lead more in-depth discussions on the specific topics. These interactions are not limited to students and teachers but also between student and their classmates during group discussions and activities. In the time we cannot gather too many people in a classroom, hybrid learning can fill the gap by enabling both face-to-face and remote learning with real-time interaction.

Flexibility and time saving

Compared to traditional classroom learning, the hybrid classes not only maintain the classroom learning for students who prefer the traditional way, but they allow students to join online so that students can save a lot of traveling time if they’re far away. Students can better schedule their learning in a flexible way. They can join a class remotely during a free hours time slot of their school schedule or apply for a few hours of study leave to join a class at work. Students can also look for their interested courses not only from local but also overseas learning centres and institutes.

Our view of hybrid learning

Hybrid learning is still at its early stage. Only a few learning centres and institutes worldwide offer this kind of course. To run a good hybrid class requires good room facilities, proper hardware equipment, and software. More importantly, it requires mature teaching skills and techniques in order to bring the potential of hybrid classes into full play. I trust hybrid class is one of the best learning styles that could give the best value to students who are at school or at work. While the pandemic accelerates remote learning, hybrid learning could be the new normal in the near future. The required teaching skills and techniques will get more mature in time. The equipment and software will just keep getting better and better. Eventually, the hybrid class will benefit to all students who like to keep learning. Remember, anyone who keeps learning stays young!