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What Is The Best Way For A Student to Learn?

Type of online remote classes

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected educational systems worldwide. The apparent changes for educational insituties and learning centres are that they have no way but change to remote online classes to replace classroom lessons when most governments asked people to stay at home in an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus. Depends on the preference of different educational institutes, two types of remote classes are commonly adopted. They are virtual-live classes and pre-recorded (on-demand) classes. When we scientifically compare the two, you can easily see that the pre-recorded online classes have more benefits over the virtual-live. To name a few, pre-recorded classes are much more flexible for students to learn at their convenient time and at their own pace. Students can repeatedly revisit the topics that are difficult to follow. More importantly, the pre-recorded classes are much easier to scale. The subject trainer just needs to prepare the video material once, and can then distribute the course to hundreds or thousands of students 24×7 as long as the class videos are on the Internet. On the contrary, a virtual-live class can serve only a limited number of students at a time, although students are not required to be in the same physical location as the trainer. It requires students to attend the class at the defined time slot. So are the pre-recorded online classes really the best choice? Are the virtual-live classes worth nothing? In my opinion, when we stand at the side of educational institutes and measure it in term of cost and return of investment (ROI), pre-recorded online classes win without a doubt. However, I believe virtual-live classes are better for students when we care of their learning.

The power of Virtual-live classes

First of all, the benefit of virtual-live classes is that they are interactive. Students can ask questions in the confusing areas, while trainer can interactively response and elaborate on those specific areas. Trainer can adjust the teaching speed and depth of discussion according to the real-time responses from the class. Moreover, it is about the power of “live”. People tends to pay extra attention to the live presentations knowing that they are happening in real time. Presenter is more convincing in the live presentation than on a pre-recorded video. It is also true for audio only presentation. That is why most of the good radio programs in stations now-a-day are still delivered in “live” – everyone is series when the “On Air” light is turned on. Same as the stage plays and musicals. You really want to watch them in live shows than playback a Blue-ray disc. Live has its secret power to deliver more influence to audience. I strongly believe it is the same as on virtual-live training classes to make the learning more effective and efficient. Virtual live training is often my preference over the pre-recorded courses.

Remember, anyone who keeps learning stays young!